ISOline EU, s.r.o.杭州海慈电子商务有限公司
ISOline 是捷克高品质和健康食品补充剂的领先制造商。公司成立于1998年,全线产品专为从事专业和业余运动的活跃人士而设计。通过使用最好的营养成全线产品专为专业和业余运动爱好者而设计,基于最现代的研究及生产设备,采用优质原材料制成,不含偶氮染料,也不添加防腐剂。公司核心宗旨是使用最好的成分来支持运动爱好者健身增肌,并助力消费者打造健康身心。 此外,ISOline 自觉身为地球的一员,为了减少废物的产生,全线饮料均使用可重复使用的 50%rPET 瓶,搭配获得过全球专利 SIAL 创新金奖的独特 3D 设计——可更换的 3D 盖。通过这种方法,将塑料废物的产生量减少多达 90%,为改善地球生态环境贡献着自己的一份力量。 ISOline EU, s.r.o, established in 1998, is a leading Czech manufacturer of high-quality and healthy food supplements. The entire line of products is based on the most modern research and production equipment, made of high-quality raw materials, without azo dyes and preservatives, and designed for professional and amateur sports enthusiasts. The company's core purpose is to use the best ingredients to support sports enthusiasts to build muscle and help consumers build healthy minds and bodies. In addition, ISOline's entire line of beverages uses reusable 50% rPET bottles with a unique 3D design that has won the global patent SIAL Gold Award for Innovation - a replaceable 3D cap. In this way, ISOline reduces the amount of plastic waste by up to 90%, contributing to the improvement of the earth's ecological environment.
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Isoline life 生活健康营养饮料
Isoline life 生活健康营养饮料,富含天然提取物、维生素D和锌; 儿童营养饮料,低糖,富含维生素D和锌;
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