National Meat Institute - URUGUAY / Instituto Nacional de Carnes (INAC) - URUGUAY
The National Meat Institute of Uruguay is a non governmental public organization with functions regarding marketing and promotion of natural, organic meat and meat products. Works on research and development issues in the areas of technical and quality services, domestic and international markets. Its a member of IMS, MICA, IMTA and NAMI. More than 70% of the production is exported. Uruguay has optimal conditions to produce beef naturally and more than 80% of the territory is dedicated to livestock. For Uruguayan Beef, process matters: british breeds (Angus and Hereford main breeds) are raised in the open air all year round and due to pasture-based cattle feeding, Uruguayan meat is recommended for healthy diets because of low levels of saturated fats, proper ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 and high doses of conjugated linoleic acid,iron and vitamin E (antioxidants). No antibiotic and no hormones. Traceability is mandatory throughout the national territory, applied to the field and industry, since the animal is born. This allows rebuilding all the way from nature to the table. Slaughterhouses, equipped with cutting edge technology, are able to export to the most demanding markets.
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