Yuen Tung Sugar Factory Industrial Company Limited
Yuen Tung Sugar Factory (YTS) specializes in the production of artisanal sugar products. Founded in 1987, the factory is located in Huiyang, Guangdong. The manufacturing facility is ​​13,000 square meters. The annual production capacity is more than 10,000 tons.YTS has been operating in Hong Kong for more than 30 years.YTS holds 50% of the total market share. We are the local sugar industry leader. Our brand is deeply rooted in Hong Kong history. With time-honoured methods and authentic ingredients, we produce the "Ship Brand" Rock Sugar, Slab ​Sugar, Brown Sugar, Black Sugar.Trusted by the general public, many enterprise level food corporations depend on YTS as their sugar experts. In recent years, the company has been actively investing in R&D for new sugar products, which have been well-received by current health trends, and we are committed to elevating sugar to new levels.
Product List
Caramel Slab Sugar
Using traditional techniques to heat pure cane sugar, molasses and high-grade white sugar to form this natural caramel color. Fresh and sweet, it is the perfect companion for desserts.
Crystal Rock Sugar
Stunning irregular rock shape, Crystal Rock Sugar used the natural crystallization method. Each batch of sugar takes 7-10 days to complete, very rare and artisanal.
Rose Brown Sugar
Signature Chiuchow style brown sugar, famous for traditional dessert Tofu pudding. This type of sugar used cane sugar and high grade white sugar to produce.
Muscovado Sugar
Adding loads of mineral-rich molasses to top-quality sugar, YTS Ship Brand proudly offers you the newly launched Muscovado sugar. This type of sugar contains remarkable sugarcane flavour.
Natural Black Sugar
Retained strong sugar cane aroma and nutrients, this black sugar is perfect for women in postpartum confinement. Chinese Medicine believes in healing the body and black sugar is rich in minerals.
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