The 2nd Global Imported Food Retail Market Trends Forum

Venue: SWECC
Scale: 120
Organizers: Shenzhen Retail Association, Global Union, Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Industrial Background  
Looking at the global food retail development, its slow growth becomes a new normal phenomenon due to the impact of COVID-19 in 2019. Led by the new development pattern of a large domestic cycle as the main body and a dual domestic and international cycle to promote each other, the domestic food retail market is developing rapidly and many excellent food retail brands has stand out.

Domestic consumption upgrading is also actively promoting the healthy development of the food retail market, and consumers are more concerned about the quality and health of food. New health foods such as 0 sucrose drinks and low-fat, low-calorie foods are springing up and have become an important part of the consumer upgrading. In the future, the development of food retail should follow the trend to seize the new opportunities of the times.

The organizer together with Shenzhen Retail Business Association held this "2nd Global Imported Food Retail Market Trends Forum" to help enterprises get an in-depth understanding of the global food retail industry development trends by interpreting the direction of brands, new consumption, markets, and channels under the current situation. At the same time, domestic and foreign industry experts and domestic famous brands are invited to share on the same stage to deeply analyze the development trend of global food retail market and build a platform for global food trade circulation and communication from various sections such as national policy, health concept and brand product creation.

Keynote: The selection logic based on category management for retail terminals 
By Mr. Jiafeng Zhang
Director of Snack Food Purchasing Department, Rainbow Data Commercial Co., Ltd.

Keynote: Creating Core Value: opportunities and challenges of healthy diet in the second half of new consumption 
By Mr. Haiyan Gao
Venture Partner, Shenzhen Weis Intelligent Health Management Co., Ltd.

Keynote: To put plant protein food on the table under the new food concept 
By Mr. Changji Lee
CEO, Wenma Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Keynote: Meituan helps food companies upgrade their channels
By Ms. Xie Bing
Director of Public Affairs in South China, Meituan

Panel Discussion
Difficulties in the development of the snack food field in 2022 
Invited guests:

Ms. Maohong Chen, General Manager, ShenZhen Diamond Wine Co., Ltd.

Mr. Li Yong, Chairman, Shenzhen Yataixuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Mr. Liu Guo, Chairman, Dongguan Huajing Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Yinglin Zhuang, General Manager, Guangdong Chuangchengyi Packaging Co., Ltd.


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